Open your Heart

Open your Heart
One training Unit (3 days access)

In this sequence, chest, shoulders upper back and spine become free of tension or pain. We will work on the flexibility on the pelvis and the legs. Opposites like opening and relaxing movements, small and large movements, flowing and static stretching are practiced. You will feel increasingly soft in the movements and thereby softer and more balanced within, the breathing will become deeper and more free, so that at the end you we feel very refreshed. Negative emotions are dissolved, positive emotions reawakened and intensified.

Course Curriculum

Open your Heart Level 1

What's included?

1 Video
Noa  Peekel
Noa Peekel
Founder & Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Noa Peekel is Yoga and Qi Gong teacher, Ayurveda and healthy life style expert. Noa made her first contact with Yoga when she was a young girl. Her journey as a teacher started 2002 when she completed her first yoga teacher training in Holistic Yoga by Swami Satyanandha. Since then she has studied different Yoga systems and devoted her life to the yogic way. After her first visit in Wudang China, she embraced also the Daoist arts to her heart and life. her wonderful voice, her harmony and warmth create in her lessons a space for healing and transformation.

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