Focus & Relaxation

AnanDao Presents a new digital training Program

High efficiency through Focus and Relaxation

How to be fully present at every moment, not forgetting any detail,
 and end the day with the satisfaction that all is done,
 and you have the energy for yourself, others and the things you love.

(Fits you perfectly, if you believe you have no time at all)


What will this program do for you?

  • Empty your mind and release emotional and mental overload and stress.

  • Be focused and clear and have an effective, successful day, feeling at the end of it that all was done, and you were at your best.

  • Be fully present at every moment without forgetting any detail.
    (So that the conversation with the new customer will not fall between the chairs...)

  • Restore the confidence in your performance, knowing that your memory, mental overload or fatigue will not stand in your way and make you fail.

  • Feel at the end of the day that you have the energies, patience, and peace for yourself, those around you and the things you love.

  • Fall asleep easily and sleep a good, continues night`s sleep 
    (without endless thoughts and task lists bothering you)

  • Wake up in the morning with high energy and power for the coming day.

  • Prevent any disagreement or misunderstandings with those around you. 
    (Just because you were not really there during the conversation…)

Join us today and start right away.
Train from any device, any time and any place you choose.
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I want Focus and Relaxation

What's included? 5 weeks instruction, all classes 12 month access.

11 Videos
1 Survey
3 Multimedia
7 PDFs
Noa and Ralf Peekel
Noa and Ralf Peekel
Founder AnanDao

About the instructor

We are Noa and Ralf Peekel  

Husband and wife, students, teachers and experts in Yoga, Nutrition and Martial Arts – Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu, developers of the AnanDao system – the art of good life.  After many years working in the field of high tech, we too have experienced a lot of stress and tension, which created an accumulation of negative impulses that had a direct effect on the body. We realized that a change must be made when the Tinnitus hit Ralf.

The search for healing led us to a study journey of 12 years in the Wu Dang Mountains of China and to the teaching of hundreds of people in our school for Oriental Arts, which we founded in 2005 in Germany.

From here, the way to AnanDao was short. We were looking for the best way to bring the ancient knowledge we brought from china to those who need it. Combining what we learned there with many methods we have studied from the best teachers around the globe we created AnanDao. 

Today we live half in Germany and half in Israel and continue helping people where modern Medicine can’t and bringing them the recipe for a healthier, happier and successful life.

The system, Anandao combines techniques of yoga, Martial arts, Nutrition and mind work.

Join us today and start right away.
Train from any device, any time and any place you choose.
$187 – click for secure payment.

I want Focus and Relaxation