Empty your Mind - 5 ways to get clear and focused.
Powerful ways to get centered fast.

5 days course, available 6 month

Here you find five wonderful methods to quit your Mind.
This program is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and "busy People" always on the run.
Only 15 minutes a Day can change your World forever!
You get clear, calm and focused for the Day.

Why do People suffer?

On almost every Event or Seminar we teach people looking for new techniques which help to quiet the mind. Most people suffer from the need to be online 24/7. That often ends in bad sleep and the feeling of being tired and stressed out all the time.
Did you know that most of the stress, the frustration and the feeling that you cannot cope, are mainly generated by your thoughts?

This is how you change sucessfuly!

Using the right technic will quieten your Mind, you will have less thoughts and your Body will become more and more relaxed.
With a little bit of praxis you will feel calm and more energetic.
You develop your new YOU and you can shine again.

Our "Empty Mind - five ways to get clear and focused" Method.

1. You get every Day a different Method which helps you to get centered, all between 10 to 15 min.

2. You get an E-Book with 5 inspiring Texts and short explanations.

Now you start your day powerful and harmonic. At least one will make you stick and let your day to be more balanced and successful.

Your Inner smile
13 min.

My Light Star
11 min.

The flowering of the Heart

12 min.

The golden Light
12 min.

Love and Light
15 min.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Empty Mind course - Five Exercises to focus and calm your Mind.
Noa and Ralf Peekel
Noa and Ralf Peekel
Founder AnanDao

About the instructor

We are Noa and Ralf Peekel  

Husband and wife, students, teachers and experts in Yoga, Nutrition and Martial Arts – Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu, developers of the AnanDao system – the art of good life.  After many years working in the field of high tech, we too have experienced a lot of stress and tension, which created an accumulation of negative impulses that had a direct effect on the body. We realized that a change must be made when the Tinnitus hit Ralf.

The search for healing led us to a study journey of 12 years in the Wu Dang Mountains of China and to the teaching of hundreds of people in our school for Oriental Arts, which we founded in 2005 in Germany.

From here, the way to AnanDao was short. We were looking for the best way to bring the ancient knowledge we brought from china to those who need it. Combining what we learned there with many methods we have studied from the best teachers around the globe we created AnanDao. 

Today we live half in Germany and half in Israel and continue helping people where modern Medicine can’t and bringing them the recipe for a healthier, happier and successful life.

The system, Anandao combines techniques of yoga, Martial arts, Nutrition and mind work.

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