Energy Boost (5 Weeks Course) EN

Wake up every morning with high energy and motivation for the new day, feeling clear and vital throughout the day and knowing your performance will be the best.

Harmonize Blood pressure (5 Weeks) EN

Harmonize your Blood pressure in a natural way. No medication, no side effects! Feel physically and emotionally at your best.

Focus & Relaxation (5 Weeks Course) EN

How to be fully present at every moment, not forgetting any detail, and end the day with the satisfaction that all is done, and you have the energy for yourself, others and the things you love. (Fits you perfectly, if you believe you have no time a

Strength & Regeneration (5 Weeks Course) EN

How to release physical stiffness and tension and create new mobility, vitality and inner strength that will give you the drive and willpower to realize your ambitions and achieve your goals.

Empty Mind (5 days Course) EN

Five ways to get clear and focused. Powerful ways to get centered fast. Which one is yours?


Open Studio EN

Open Studio english - Try out's free of charge - just create a user

Healing Motion - Backpain 3' EN

2 Simple but effective exercises against Backpain

Healing Motion - Sleep better 3' EN

Just eliminate sleep disorders! An exercise to fall asleep better and sleep deep and well.

Healing Motion - Harmonize Bloodpressure 3' EN

2 Simple but effective exercises to harmonize Blood pressure without Medication!